BREW Framework package, including documentation (project description):

SimScan (Similarity Scanner) is a utility we have developed internally to find duplicated or similar fragments of code in large Java source code bases. Duplicate code indicates weaknesses in the design or implementation of large projects that should be refactored away to keep the code in good shape, promoting reuse and minimizing maintenance cost.

This tool works on the parsed source tree (using ANTLR parser) and disregards differences like changed variable names or code formatting. It will also find non-exact matches where the code has been modified, as long as the differences are small compared to the size of the match. The plug-in versions show the results conveniently in an environment that facilitates refactoring. Help with screenshots is available online.

A fully functional version of SimScan is available for download, free for non-commercial use or development of open source projects (please see the included license).

SimScan Download

Two variants are available:

The vOICe mobile is available for free download (project description):